• Talviton (Electronics) Ltd., was established in 1962 by Jacob and Batt-Amy Landesman.

    Talviton Marketing is an engineering-orientated sales organization that, since 1962, has steadily expanded its products & customer's base.
    Major product lines are developed under the expertise & guidance of individual product sales assistance.
    The internal sales operation comprises an integrated system of sales & sourcing utilizing our on-line inventory & FOB management system.
    We are able to provide instant response regarding products & services to more than 100 customers.

    Talviton is an authorized supplier to the following customers:
    ELBIT Group, Vendor Code# 09034
    IAI Group, Vendor Code# I1463
    Rafael advance Defense Systems Ltd, Vendor Code # 00122320
    MOD, Vendor Code # 0083/083987
    IMI-Israeli Military Industries Ltd., Rocket Systems Division.
    We are an exclusive sales & distribution representatives of variety of products for the local leading industries such as (Telecom-cellular networks, Electronic Packaging, Military & Defense (including Navy). Major product lines are developed under the expertise & guidance of industry changes & customer’s needs.
    alviton works with both OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul sectors) companies, delivering proactive and innovative engineering-based solutions for a broad base of applications. Customer's service has been the sole focus at Talviton for nearly 54 years.
    Along with our unique problem-solving capability, we have earned the trust, support and long-term commitment of our customers, we enjoy friendly and informal relationships with many of the executives in local industries.
    On January 2012, our company's name was changed to Talviton ltd to reflect the changes of our core business in the recent years.

    Commercial References
    Dun & Bradstreet File # DUNS:60-002-8831
    American Embassy: Commercial Section, Tel-Aviv
    Bank Reference:
    Bank Hapoalim BM, Hatzafon Branch # 602
    205 Dizengoff Street, Tel-Aviv, Israel