• To satisfy the new growing demands of the high tech industry, we are always seeking ways to create value to our customers through our distribution channels.
    As a small but innovative company, we do our best to fulfill our customers need for high quality, low prices and short delivery times.
    We successfully established very good relationships with leading vendors and suppliers mainly at USA and Europe.
    We offer highest quality cross reference to many precision mechanical components manufacturer's catalog items at competitive pricing for precision mechanical assemblies and components such as:
    Precision Dowel Pins
    MS16555 – Dowel Pins
    Precision Shoulder Screws – Inch & Metric
    Shoulder Washers – Inch & Metric
    Captive Screw Assembly
    Captive Panel Hardware
    Knurled Thumb Screws
    Shaft Collars
    Precision Ground Shafting
    Socket Shoulder Screws
    Sleeve Couplings
    Hub Clamps

    Keenserts / Key-locking Inserts:
    Lightweight / Thin-wall inserts - ideal for use where thread, size and weight are an issue.
    Thick-wall inserts - also known as heavy duty inserts.
    Extra-thick-wall inserts - also known as extra heavy duty inserts, work well in oversized and worn holes.
    Brass & Nylon Tip Set Screws: 
    Extra holding power is developed by full face contact over regular set screws, can be used over and over again.
    Most brass and nylon tips are either cold-formed or precision-molded, offering unsurpassed dimensional tolerances.
    Nylon tipped screws:
    Nylon tips are stocked in stainless steel set screw bodies
    Brass tipped screws:
    Brass tipped set screw body is a standard socket set screw of alloy steel, fully heat treated.
    Patch Lock Set Screws:
    Used when vibration is a problem, patch-lock set screws provide prevailing torque on the screw to prevent back-off.
    The patch lock set screws conform to MIL-F-18240
    Patch lock set screws can be supplied with brass or nylon tip in alloy or stainless.